On The Road Again

This was quite the week. Very little downtime, a whirlwind of emotions. For starters I came back from California, and the Cubs are down 2 games to 0, which quickly turned into 3-0 and then the series ended. Not how you would’ve liked to see it go down, but I suppose that you can’t win the world series every year, as long as there isn’t a 108-year drought between this one and the next one that would be sufficient. Coming off all that, this weekend, I took on Illinois State’s homecoming, the second time now that I’ve attended as an alum of the university and not a student. I can’t say that I feel all that old, yet. I did run into some students who were/are still older than me, which is kind of nice to not be the oldest person there. Illinois State also got a big win against a top 10 team, so not all was lost in the sporting department this week. What these past two weeks have really put into perspective, or put into something to appreciate, is people who travel for a living, or just travel a lot – it’s exhausting. It takes a few days even after the trip is over to get your legs back, and get back in the swing of things. That’s the case and this most recent trip was only to Bloomington-Normal, it wasn’t even out of the state. To do that every weekend, or even several times a month is something to be applauded, because I imagine it would be incredibly difficult to do it consistently.

Aaron J. Boma

2016 ISU Graduate

Author: paper