Over this last weekend, on Saturday, I decided to do something a little out of the norm, for me at least. I attended an Art Exhibit in Elmhurst at the Elmhurst Art Museum. I was working for a few hours over the weekend, and seeing as my office is in Oakbrook Terrace, it was just about a 5 mile jog up the road to get to the museum. Also, seeing as I was at work by myself, I decided to make

the venture alone, which I would also say is out of the norm. I do things from time to time by myself, but going to an art exhibit is a first for me. The artist whose exhibit was being showcased was Hebru Brantley, an artist from the Chicago area, who is most well-known for his Fly Boy character that he depicts in a lot of his works. He’s also done a mural for the side of a bar in Chicago, the HVAC Pub, which focuses on Kris Bryant as the focal point of tha

t work. The works that were shown were all amazing, some of them were giant figurines, whereas others were just paintings on canvas, but all good stuff nonetheless. Maybe the thing I took away most from the event was the environment, and the atmosphere of the event. There was a line just to get in, I remember an elderly couple behind me saying “Is it always this crowded on Saturday?” To which the usher replied, by laughing, and said no. It was awesome to see a wide variety of people all having a common interest in something, I feel like the opposite gets portrayed in the media a lot, about us having differences with each other. On Saturday, it was just a bunch of people under one roof, all enjoying some art from a very talented individual.

Aaron J. Boma

2016 ISU Graduate

Author: paper