Another Chicago festival, this time in the form of music and Lollapalooza. I have attended in the past, but I did not end up attending this year and enjoying the festivities. It’s always interesting in Chicago when there’s a big festival going on because it stretches through the entire city, some of it a fair distance away from the roots of the festival. There were people dressed as if they had just attended the festival throughout the weekend. With over 400,000 attendees it makes sense that they would be trickled throughout the rest of the city. This year, as with many of the past years, a local artist stole the show with the headlining performance: this time it was Chance The Rapper. I saw there were estimates in the range of 80,000-100,000 people at his set, which is banana land. The thing that you often run into with festivals, of which I’m not the biggest fan, as opposed to just a concert for a specific artist, is that of the accessibility to everything. Often times at bigger festivals it becomes very hard to navigate from stage to stage, whereas with just a single artist/stage, everything is right there in front of you, and there isn’t much moving around involved. Also, this might just be me being a little bit of a music snob, but the crowd just isn’t the same when there is a bunch of people mixed in who are just general, or passive fans of an artist, as opposed to a room full of people who only came to see that artist. It just can’t be compared, when there are songs you can sing along with, or what have you. The room full of fans just to see the specific artist usually carries a different aura. I decided to attend a Lollapalooza after-show for that specific reason. It featured two artists who had previously performed at the festival that day, but for the reasons previously mentioned, it created a great atmosphere for a show. It was 1,000 people in a small venue, who all came to see the same artist(s) as opposed to 100K of whom maybe 20% of them really want to see the current artist.

Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate

Author: paper