Playoffs? If you’ve watched the NBA playoffs at all this far you’re probably thinking to yourself the same thing. The playoffs, thus far, have been very underwhelming. There have been countless blow outs, and there haven’t really been any intriguing story lines thus far. As most people predicted at the beginning of the year, it’s looking as if the finals this year will be for the 3rd straight year, the Cavaliers and the Warriors, with each team having one title win under their belt. I was just discussing this with some of my friends, there’s a very real possibility that these two teams will square off in the finals for the next 2-3 years, which would mean that they will have played 5-6 straight finals against each other. As bad as the playoffs have been, and as uninteresting and borderline boring they have been, I think it’s awesome that there’s an actual rivalry in place because these two teams keep making it to the finals each year. The last time there was really anything close to this was back in the 80s when the Lakers and Celtics squared off multiple times over a 10 year span. Basically since I’ve started really watching NBA basketball, LeBron James has been a contender for the title, and it’s interesting now that he actually has a team to square off against each year in the finals that creates a good and engaging series. It’s very interesting that everyone complains about there only being 1 or 2 good teams in the NBA for the past few years, but I think everyone would definitely agree that the Finals become a lot more interesting when the teams involved are the best of the best and both loaded with talent. I couldn’t be more excited for the Finals, there is a fair amount of pressure on it because of how bad the playoffs have been, so in that way it needs to make up for it.


Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate

Author: paper