A Serious topic. JUICE.

Another week in the books, when I do these I just know that it means the next week is right around the corner. My last couple columns have been related to that of finding motivation for the upcoming week and how best to tackle it. But this time, I’m really going to touch on a serious topic. Juice. I’m going to do a Top 5 juice power ranking. I’m going to start with 5 first and then work my way down to #1. #5 Grape juice. It’s partly number 5 because there two different kinds of grape juice, the white kind and purple kind. That alone, because they can’t decide which one they want to get behind as their actual choice for the grape juice representation. With that being said, they are both good. Good enough for the #5 spot. #4 This is kind of a wild card, but pomegranate juice, It’s not quite as well-known as grape, but it’s just as good, I recently started drinking the Bai brand and one of their best flavors is pomegranate, and that has really sparked the love. #3 is one that I didn’t even think of my first time through creating the list. Lemonade. I think it’s because it’s name doesn’t have juice in it, so the correlation with it being a juice isn’t as strong, but a good lemonade is as good as any juice around. This one was pretty easily #2, but still pretty far from being #1. It’s apple juice. I used to very much dislike apple juice, I would never drink it as a kid, and then one day I realized that it’s amazing, and have never looked back, I’m honestly mad it took so long. Apple juice coming in at number 2. #1, and it’s really not that close, orange juice. It’s so good that it’s worked its way into the drink you think of when you think of breakfast. It stands alone as the best drink to accompany your first meal of the day. It’s also great as a later night drink. The brand choices for this are endless as well, it’s not as tied to a certain brand like apple juice, and lemonade. There are many great brands of orange juice, and that in part helps it take the #1 spot.


Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate

Author: paper