The sports world has been in heaven this year. At least, as an average spectator, some of the bizarre finishes to professional and college sporting events could have easily caused a drop of a jaw.

Even though we didn’t get to see the second perfect season in NFL history, one of the best quarterbacks of our generation, Peyton Manning, took his last ride with the   Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl and overcome improbable odds to defeat the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton.
March Madness is one of the best times in the sports world. This year, it came down to one shot. No. 2 ranked Villanova defeated No. 1 North Carolina on a buzzer beater from Kris Jenkins. The part that amazed me about this game was that on the previous play, Marcus Paige hit shot while jumping and releasing in mid-air only to have his tying bucket outmatched.


Leicester City beat 5,000 to 1 odds. This was listed by bookmakers for their odds to surface as the champion of the premier league. On May 2nd, they gained a 7 point lead with 2 matches left, inevitably emerging as champions and shocking the soccer world.


This is where it starts to get good. Only recently did Kevin Garnett announce his retirement, but this past season was also the last of Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan as well. Between the 3 of these players is 11 NBA Championships. Pure dominance by the Spurs and Lakers throughout the late 90’s and 2000’s was due to the excellence these guys performed with. Kevin Garnett helped innovate “The Big 3” that we have seen reoccur more and more in the NBA since.
As for the actual ending of the year, another improbability went against the numbers. The Golden State Warriors held a 3-1 lead after game 4. Never before in NBA history had a team come back from that deficit in an NBA finals series. Kyrie Irving came in clutch and hit a game winning 3 to seal the title.
Don’t forget what the Warriors did during the year though. Golden State broke the single season record for most wins in a season going 73-9. The 96’ Chicago Bulls held the record previously.
Scottie Pippen commented on this, saying “It don’t mean a thing without the ring.”
What I really think would complete this year’s excitement is the most famous running championship droughts ever.

October is here. The amount of stress and anxiety that will be endured by Cubs fans these playoffs is going to send people over the edge. Earlier this year when I thought about writing this piece, I considered the fact that the White Sox started out as one of the best teams in baseball just like the Cubs. The fan in me wished upon crosstown World Series. Obviously, that can’t happen now. A Chicago Cubs World Series ring would top this list and complete the crazy sports year. Only time will tell.

Caleb J. Boma

2015 DTHS Graduate

ISU Sophomore

Author: paper