I Failed


I took the mortgage licensing exam for the first time this past Friday, and like the title of this column states, I failed it. I didn’t fail it terribly, I needed a 75 to pass and I fell just short of that. Truthfully, I didn’t really expect to pass the test, it has a 67% success rate, and I’ve struggled with tests that have much higher passing rates. It’s definitely eye-opening, frustrating, all of the above. It also came during the 4th of July weekend, which probably didn’t help the focus, or the studying habits that went into the test preparation in the weeks prior to it. The plus side is, I still have a job, for now, and I’m very grateful for that. There’s really not much else to do except really gear up for the next test, and attack a little bit harder, and increase my focus and study habits going into it. There’s a flip on the script that’s interesting too. Here I’m getting paid to pass a test that will eventually make me more money by passing it, and the past four years I’ve been taking tests for just the chance at this – – the chance to have a job and increase my pay, and all that good stuff that comes with it. It’s something that you want to get to, and then when it’s finally in your lap it’s definitely a different animal to try and handle. It’s a wake up call, and I’m ready. Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate

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