Lunch time.

5480056_GI grew up in a school system that puts a really heavy emphasis on the lunch portion of the day. Schools build their entire day around the lunch period. There’s even lunch recess, until you get too old and they take that away from you. During my first lunch phases I just ate at school, it was decent four days out of the week, and then every fifth day or so, you’d get that really nasty cheeseburger that was still kind of cold in the middle. I mean what could you really expect from a school lunch? Need to just take the 80% that they shoot for in the week, and move on.
Then for whatever reason, my little brother and I talked mom into making our lunches so we could bring them from home. Somehow my mom, who works 50+ hours a week as it is, agreed to wake up earlier than she needed to just to pack a lunch for us. I had pretty much already come to the idea that she was a great lady, but this really put that conversation to rest. That was a great era of my lunch life, I’m forever grateful for it.
Then there was the college lunch era. This one had a bunch of parts. The first being the dorm food. Watterson, where I ate, really held it down. I know dorm food gets a bad reputation, but it was really pretty good. That was just the first two years of college. Then I entered the — I might microwave food one day, and eat Moe’s the next. That era was my favorite – just for the unpredictability factor. The off brand chicken nugget days really made you appreciate the Moe days.
Now I’m in the lunch era where I’m in an office all day, and I don’t know how to cope with that so I go out to eat. Every day. It’s not the most cost efficient way of eating, but it is the most sane way because being surrounded by white walls all day has to be broken up somehow. It’s also dangerous because Portillos is about a 7 minute ride away, and I do love Portillos.
The next era will probably be balancing bringing my lunch with going out, but for now… Portillos.

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