I Need to Know What?

Refinance-Ross-Mortgage-1024x683I just graduated college, as mentioned in previous columns. That means I took and earned 120 college level credits. That was enough to earn me a bachelor’s degree. I know a fair amount about a very small sector of all the information that’s available to know. My first two days of work were this past Wednesday and Thursday, and on Thursday we were given kind of a crash course in mortgage terminology and things to expect, and how to sell and all that fun stuff. What I took away from it was, holy cow, I don’t know the first thing about mortgages. He might as well have been talking in Spanish because I was clueless on a lot of what he said . They always joke that people coming into this job sometimes don’t even know that there’s a T in mortgage. I did know that, but I didn’t really know anything else. It was a very humbling experience. I think sometimes we get caught in a bubble, at least I know I did, where you get pretty good at one, or a few things, and kind of forget about the rest of the world, and the rest of the knowledge that is available. Then I’m going to get to the point (hopefully, because you have to pass a test eventually to be able to do this for real) where I know a lot about this subject, and then you’re hit with the MJ in ’93 decision, do you stick with basketball, or do you make the jump to something else, and try to master that? I hope that I’m as good as Michael Jordan in ’93 at selling mortgages, but that remains to be seen. Vast information is humbling, but it keeps the opportunity to learn more constant. Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate

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