Freshman Again

I’m a freshman again, but a real life one this time. I’ve spent one day in Chicago and I’ve already made the mistake of walking way too far to a place and had to pay to Uber back, because there’s no way I was about to do a 40 minute walk twice. It’s a very similar feeling to that of being a freshman in college. It’s a really weird, surreal feeling. Everything is new again and I have to start over in a sense. College this time is the job, and the people who are employing me are my professors, and the final grade is me keeping my job. I think it’s also the same in that a lot is going to change from the time I’m 22 to 26. I’m going to go from never having a full year of employment to 4 years of it. I think the thing that I’m going to love the most are all the different and new restaurants. That was arguably my favorite part of Bloomington-Normal as well, so I’m glad that I’m continuing on to a place that has great food, and a good variety of it as well. If anyone has any recommendations for places to try in Chicago I would be open to trying them. Another plus up here is this time instead of a Division 1 college team I get to step into a city rooting for some of the best professional teams in the business. It’s nice to get another 4 year look back on life and seeing what you did well, and seeing what you need to improve on and making the next 4 that much better than the previous. Aaron Boma DTHS and ISU Graduate

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