The very unfortunate passing of the musician Prince happened last week and his death took hold of everything media-wise and really brought it to a halt to look back and celebrate his life. There have been a few really notable celebrities who have passed this year, the other most notable being David Bowie, and it’s interesting to see how each passing of an icon is handled differently.

Even looking back just a few years ago with the passing of Michael Jackson, who is arguably the single biggest performer of all time, was handled differently. At the time Michael passed away he was on every TV channel a lot, but this was before social media had really taken off, so there wasn’t as much talk of him during that time on those platforms.

If you compare that to the recent deaths of Bowie and Prince I think a lot of the conversation of these two has moved to Facebook, Twitter, and forums, allowing fans of these artists to come together and share memories, or favorite songs from the artist. This is a thing that hasn’t always been around. It allows for the full celebration of an artist who has affected so many in a positive manner with their music.

It could just be the outlets and everything that I follow, but I felt like he was everywhere in my media feeds, and on TV over the last week or so. It’s a good thing. It’s nice that these artists can get a proper send off, and it’s easier than ever for people who connected with them to connect with each other over the mutual interest of their music.

Aaron Boma DTHS Graduate and ISU Senior

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