566f2df40ccd1.imageNewspapers are the best place to work, it’s been decided.

I’ve basically spent the last 8 years of my life at least somewhat involved with the day to day operations of a newspaper and there’s nothing else quite like it. There’s just something unmatched about working towards and creating a product that has to be fine-tuned and finished every week (or few days.)

Then there is also just the bouncing ideas off of each other constantly that creates a close-knit group, whether you want it that way or not. There’s very little that occurs in a newspaper operation that isn’t impacted, or directly impacts another part of the paper.

At The Paper, I was involved with a little bit of everything. Now I’ve resorted to just writing the weekly column, but when I was residing in Dwight I was more involved with all of the operations. I copy edited on Mondays, the Paper’s last day of proofreading and finalizing everything before it was sent for print. Then I would turn around on Tuesday and help with the mailing process of The Paper. I got to see both sides of it.

At the ISU Vidette, since I’m the web editor and blog coordinator, I really only deal with the online side of the paper, but I still work with almost every other department at the Vidette. With uploading videos, and then editing blogs, I get to see how all the parts move together from more of a background role, but it’s great nonetheless.

I’ve become really good friends with those I work with here at the Vidette, and I’m really glad that I joined the team at the beginning of this year, and actually wish I would’ve done it earlier.

If you ever have a chance to take any position at any newspaper I would really recommend it. It’s a great opportunity and is unlike any other sort of job experience. (Although my job experience is limited.)

(Also, Monday was, national hug a newsperson day.)

Aaron Boma DTHS Graduate and ISU Senior