Boston Marathon

imagesToday I came across a story about a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing that took place a few years ago. The person being talked about now has a prosthesis (leg) and decided to run the race this year, and he finished. That alone is a great accomplishment, it’s running right in the face of terrorism and the evil things that sometimes take place. I then thought about all the major events that have taken place since, and how many of them have been without any major incident. I think part of this is we just became smarter, we know what steps need to be taken to avoid things like this from taking place again. The downside of this is that we’re always talking about “the next major attack” and we forget to enjoy every day that goes by peacefully without conflict. We have a great military that works every day to keep us safe and live in a relatively safe country. This is kind of just a general attack of the current state of media, but there is too much time spent on talks of a “future attack” the news is talking about and our military is probably 14 steps ahead trying to make sure it doesn’t happen. It creates a constant state of fear for those who consume a lot of media. This is really just a redundant argument at this point, but I think we would all benefit from less negative news stories. Enjoy the peaceful days our military works hard to provide for us and don’t undermine them by constantly looking forward to the next bad happening.

Aaron Boma DTHS Senior and ISU Senior

Author: paper