Spring Break

Wh_UDaVc_400x400I did it. I decided that for my last spring break I would take my talents to South Beach. I was going to fly, but due to the fact that I waited until the last minute to go about getting tickets they were way out of my price range, and I decided against that. Seeing as there isn’t a body of water that runs from Illinois to Florida, my next option was to drive, and drive, and drive. The drive in total was close to 21 hours. Chris Mathien was nice enough to allow me to sleep on his couch on the way down to cut the trip in half. He currently resides in Knoxville Tennessee, which was about as close to cutting the trip in half as I was going to get. I arrived in Florida on Sunday night, and spent the next 4 days there. I saw all different kinds of Florida life in my short time there. I spent a day around the Lauderdale and tourist area, which is basically what I expected. Tuesday I spent most of the day in the Wynwood area, which 10-15 years ago was a part of town that not even the police would go to, and now it’s a very attractive tourism spot due to the graffiti murals on all of the buildings. The murals are changed every few months by professional graffiti artists. Almost no one spoke English as their primary language, which I found interesting, considering I was still in the United States. It was definitely a good culture experience. It was basically a bunch of hipsters that didn’t speak English–that’s the best way to describe that environment. Wednesday, I decided to take on a spring training game in Jupiter, Florida. This was a complete 180 of the people in Wynwood. It was a bunch of people who retired to Florida. I know this because it was a Cardinals – Marlins game and the stadium was roughly 80-85% Cardinal fans, who I’m assuming moved down to Florida but maintained the questionable liking for the team from St. Louis. I also got very burnt, due to my paleness and the sun. Thursday I finally made my way to the beach for a few hours and really got to relax. It was a great end to a very enjoyable week. I also learned that people in Florida pass on the right side of the road for some reason instead of the left, very confusing. Aaron J. Boma 2012 DTHS Graduate ISU Senior

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