Just another day

images-1I’ve never really felt old until today when my mom was asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I gave my usual answer of I don’t really need anything, (except some new contacts so I can see and stuff). She went through some things, the most concerning of which was furniture. My mom asked if I wanted furniture for my birthday. Arguably the most boring thing your could receive for your birthday. That in itself is a little disheartening, what’s even worse is that I actually need it. I’m going to be moving into some form of housing in Chicago in the coming months, and most likely whatever location we choose will be unfurnished. As boring and uninteresting as this birthday present may seem, it would definitely be the most useful and functional of any gift that I could receive, which brings a few things into focus. I’m about to leave the world of furnished apartments, the college housing market may suck and be overpriced, but there’s one thing that almost all of them had in common, furnished housing, for which I’ll be forever grateful. It also brings into focus that it’s real- world time and it’s time to take that next step, whether I’m prepared to take it or not. It’s also the first birthday that doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of it all. There’s nothing really exciting about 22, except for that terrible Taylor Swift song (please, no one play this during any of my birthday activities.) However, I’m 22 and will have a full-time job starting in June and that’s something that not all 22 year olds have, and for that I am thankful and ready to take that next step.

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