The Hidden Underbelly of Politics

House of Cards39 of 52. 3 out of 4 suits. The anticipation builds. This February the critically acclaimed show House of Cards makes its return to Netflix. If you’re not familiar with the show it’s based around politics. Frank Underwood uses corruption and frowned upon tactics to work his way up the political ladder in the United States. The show obviously exaggerates the amount of bribery and behind the scenes dirty work that goes on, but I think it also goes to show that it does really go on. There are a lot of meetings behind closed doors, and we don’t always see the underbelly of politics and I think this show gives a somewhat realistic view of that underbelly. This season is going to be the last. There have been 13 episodes every season, (13 cards in a suit) and then 52 in a deck, making this the last season. This isn’t the first show to display the dirty side of politics and the more that it goes on in real life, I think the more we’re going to continue to see it in pop culture. There is a lot of speculation to how the series will end. (I won’t give any spoilers, because if I talk about previous seasons it may give things away.) There are several good ones because this show has already taken place in the UK, and there are a lot of parallels with the United States version and the UK. I highly recommend you taking a chance on this show. Kevin Spacey is the main character and does a great job. It’s not on TV, all you need is a Netflix subscription, and if you watch it fast enough you could watch it all on the free trial of Netflix (sorry Netflix.) Politics meets cinema, cinema meets politics. Aaron J. Boma ISU Senior and 2012 DTHS Graduate

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