The Final Ride

imagesIt’s the last first day of school (hopefully) for Mr. Aaron Boma and it’s come and gone with a lot of mixed emotions. It’s exciting because it means a new chapter has begun. It’s kind of sad because leaving anything that is comfortable and something you’ve grown used to is usually sad. I’m left dealing with wrapping something up while preparing to do something else. It’s usually easiest to focus on one of those at a time. It’s a fun challenge though. It might not be fun when it’s the middle of June and I still haven’t found a job after applying to 100 different places, but for now I’m going to remain optimistic about the situation even if it proves to be not so opportunistic. For now though, I’m enjoying the moment, not dreading it. Another thing that makes it difficult is that more than likely I’m going to be applying for a job that only has a few-week window to apply. It’s not like becoming a teacher, or something where the position is already open, and you know it’s going to be for some time. That definitely makes the job hunting process a little more time sensitive and stressful. Ideally in the next few months a job will just fall in my lap, although I realize that isn’t very likely, but it’s something to hope for, much like the Powerball which is now over a billion dollars. It’s a lot of mixed emotions, and it’s a day by day process. The ride is just as fun as the destination.

Aaron Boma DTHS Graduate and ISU Senior

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