Seize the Opportunity

996780_432303793640900_2710199100091425950_nIt’s always great in Dwight when a new business opens, Dwight can never have enough of them. Recently Lu’s opened, a bar and grill in downtown Dwight. I think this officially solidifies Dwight as a food mecca in central Illinois. The Flying Pig Emporium also opened, specializing in pig related souvenir items. This Wednesday at 4 p.m., however, a different kind of store opens. Franklin Corner. It’s located on the corner of (you guessed it) Franklin and Main Street. I’ve seen and helped it evolve from what was just a big empty room, to a store. There was a lot of painting, and moving tables, and pricing items that went into this. Maybe I’m a little biased because my mom is the owner, but I think it’s going to be a great addition to Dwight. It’s going to consist of women’s jewelry, women’s clothing, and then various other gifts, and uniques. A lot of the items in the store are created from local artists and creators in the local area. It’s a local store, with a lot of local talent in it. It’s also going to help fill out downtown Dwight. It’s been a while since the entire downtown has had a store in every storefront. It’s not quite there yet, but it’s get- ting close. Everyone does better in Dwight when local businesses thrive. I encourage you all to check out Franklin Corner (even if it’s just because your wife or girlfriend made you come with.) There will be different things added as the store goes on.

Aaron Boma

Author: paper