The Introvert Anthem

Unknown-4I’m very hard pressed to check out a new artist. There are a few exceptions to this rule. If I really value someone’s musical taste and opinion then I’ll listen. There are other times when I see someone’s name enough where I have to go and check out the artist, or song.

This time it was Alessia Cara. I had seen her name EVERYWHERE. I had seen people share her Jimmy Fallon performance, I had seen people share interviews, I had seen it all. People were talking about her, and I was late to give in, as I usually am.

I go to Alessia’s artist page on Spotify. She has an EP up, and her number one song is “Here.” I click to listen to it. There are times when a song comes on and you instantly know that you like the song. Even though this is a cliché phrase, the song just has that “it” fac- tor.

I ate that song up, I played it a lot. I started to play the rest of her EP too, it was great. It was amazing that this was all coming from a 19 year old from Canada who was very new to songwriting, and she was cranking out very insightful, meaningful content in her music.

When I like an artist I try to understand every aspect of the artist. It gives songs a new life. When you understand where an artist came from in the creation of a song you can relate to it more. I watched interviews of Alessia and really began to understand her story more.

At one point during the interview the person interviewing her said, “Here” has been referred to as the Introvert Anthem. She laughed at the question and said she hadn’t really looked at it like that when she wrote the song. The reception that she received following the release of the song very much echoed that sentiment however.

When you think of it most songs that get big are usually centered around having a fun night out with your friends, or making bad decisions and not caring about it. Rarely does a song that’s getting major radio play have its content centered around not wanting to be at a party.

As an introvert, people often feel that they’re isolated in their own thoughts. It’s great to see a group of people bond around something that was previously just an idea.

Aaron Boma ISU Senior and 2012 DTHS Graduate

Author: paper