Thanksgiving Food

stock-illustration-75341199-thanksgiving-turkey-thumbs-upThe conversation of what people eat for Thanksgiving came up the other day and the conclusion that was reached was “does anybody even like Thanksgiving food?”
There are a few different popular items that always seem to get consumed around Thanksgiving time – The first of which is the turkey. It’s definitely on the bottom of my list for meats to eat, unless it’s in the form of a turkey burger. Turkey is dry, and doesn’t compete with ham, chicken, or steak, making it a very questionable main dish at Thanksgiving time.
Then there is stuffing. I don’t even know what stuffing is but I love it. It’s definitely the wild card of Thanksgiving food. I love it, but there are just as many people who don’t care for it at all. I think half the reason it’s lasted as long as it has is because the turkey is really dry and very unappealing so people have to save it by dumping loads of stuffing on it. (This is the route I take when turkey is my only option.)
There are other oddballs as well, like yams, sweet potatoes, (unless those are the same thing, I don’t know much about food), cranberry sauce. Cranberry sauce, that’s one that really doesn’t do it for me. I don’t eat this ever, at any point during the year, why am I going to ruin the biggest meal of the year by putting it on the table? Give me some barbeque sauce and some ribs, let me eat what I like. Eat what you want for Thanksgiving, not Turkey. Time to change.

Author: paper