Good Vibes

I had a lot of funUnknown this weekend. I had a lot of fun because it was full of positive vibes. Everyone that I seemed to come in contact with was really friendly and down to earth. Some of them were people I come into interact with all the time and some were people I don’t see that often. I realized that a large reason I enjoyed it was I didn’t spend much time on my phone this weekend. Aside from an occasional text or a picture here and there, my time on the phone was very limited.

I think I write about social media and its impact on people a lot, but it’s because I observe it happening a lot. There are people who always take the time to upload the perfect picture to the internet, to always write the perfect status, to make it seem as if their life is always without blunder or mishap. I think this really gets to some people when they’re constantly consuming that. If you only see the perfect moments of a person’s life then I think mentally we begin to think that they are. We know they aren’t, but if you see it enough you begin to believe it.
No one is going to upload the moments when their grocery bag breaks, or when their car breaks down on the side of the road. (If they do the picture will be perfectly framed.) I’ve made a more conscious effort to remind myself that everyone has the same daily struggles, whether or not they choose to share them. I wasn’t consuming everyone’s perfect moments this weekend, and instead was creating my own, not perfect moments. I like it that way.

Author: paper