Caught in The Web

The interhrzgal.facebooknet is a crazy place. I think that a lot of my columns usually have something to do with the internet in some facet or another. I’m just really fascinated with it, it’s something that has only been heavily used by people for the last 15 years or so. It’s constantly evolving, it’s the place where everyone’s ideas flow and the product is sometimes very scary, but sometimes hilarious. The funniest things come from people who may have never had another outlet to express their creativity and have it seen by a lot of people in a fairly short amount of time. Recently one of my favorite writers, who lives in New York (Paul Cantor), needed an interview transcribed. Basically taking every word from audio and typing it, and transferring it into text. I halfway jokin
gly responded with “will I be paid?” The next thing I know I have a direct message from him telling me the amount I will be paid, and that it needs to be done by midnight. This is around 3 in the afternoon. The interview, which he conducted, was with platinum recording artist Young Jeezy. I went from a sarcastic tweet to being temporarily employed by an author who’s been published in Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Yahoo Music among other publications. It’s something that I’m going to put on my resume going forward, and I was financially compensated. I think too often we get told to be careful on social media, and not often enough about networking and fully utilizing the platform, and even in some circumstances creating opportunities for ourselves. Sometimes they’re just hidden in the web.


Aaron J. Boma DTHS 2012 Graduate and ISU Senior

Author: paper