Keep an Open Mind

UnknownEverything seems like a polarizing issue in current day. People really love to take stances and be opinionated, and it’s great to see. That’s what America was founded on – having the right to say whatever you want about a particular subject. I try really hard to stay as neutral on topics as I possibly can, but it becomes really hard when there are people from both sides who feel very strongly about a particular topic. Sometimes people will post things that I don’t really agree with, but I’ve realized that keeping them around and hearing the other side and hearing what they have to say is beneficial to my growing as a person. If you only surround yourself with people who think the exact same way as you, then you become numb to anything the opposition has to say about whatever the topic may be. It becomes much more difficult to build a real understanding of a situation when everyone around you is saying the same thing as you. It becomes a world where everyone is a yes man to what you’re saying and I think it really clouds an individual’s thought process. I thought of this in light of the situation with the young man who made the clock in Texas and immediately everyone took a stance: it was either right or it was wrong. They examined every last detail, from how he was arrested to the President inviting him to the White House. The thing is, people who feel one way are probably surrounded with a bunch of like-minded people so they really struggle to see how anyone could feel differently. Social Media makes it much easier to get caught in a bubble, I’ve been victim of it, too. I’ve un-followed people because I didn’t like what they were saying, I’ve realized that really listening to what they have to say (even if I don’t like it) is something that is really going to help me construct ideas on issues going forward.

Aaron J. Boma DTHS 2012 Graduate and ISU Senior

Author: paper