UnknownWrigley Field is alive again. There’s something special about meaningful baseball being played in the field with the ivy covered walls. The Cubs currently are in a very good position to make the play-in game for the playoffs. The best part about this team is that a majority of the team is home grown. They’re home grown and they’re young. It’s really a fun team to watch. There hasn’t been this much buzz around a Chicago Cubs team since the teams in the early 2000s which were led by Sammy Sosa and Dusty Baker. I think the sport of baseball needs the Chicago Cubs. I know the state of Illinois needs the Chicago Cubs. With it being offseason for the Blackhawks, the Cardinals usually rule central Illinois. I don’t really understand this because they play in St. Louis, which is not in the state of Illinois, but rather the state of Missouri. If the Cubs happen to win their play-in game against the Pittsburgh Pirates then they will go on to face the St. Louis Cardinals. I’m not sure when the last time those two teams faced off in the playoffs, but it hasn’t been anytime recent. It would be a great series, and great for the sport of baseball to have two teams with a rivaled history together face off. I’m really looking forward to baseball’s postseason and the Cubs are the reason behind that.

Aaron J. Boma DTHS 2012 Graduate and ISU Senior