Last Column

03cf9deThis is the last column that I get to write (for an extended period of time) from inside the friendly village limits of Dwight. As I’ve been here for the summer I’ve realized how easy it is to get comfortable in an environment, even if you haven’t been there for that long. It’s a plus, but it can also be a negative. You get caught in a routine, and don’t really push yourself. I attended a J. Cole concert a few weeks ago, and he went off on a little monologue about how growing up it’s always instilled in you that you want to travel the world, and see all these places. He said that we slip into a “small town mentality” which fits this scenario perfectly talking about a place like Dwight. (Not that it’s a bad place, this could be applied to any small town.) We get so comfortable in an area that we never want to leave the comfort. He said he has friends that have never left his hometown. There’s a lot out there to see, and it was good to be reminded of that in a place that I didn’t expect to hear it. I’m ready to go to back to Normal to school, but I also don’t really want to end up there forever either. There’s a lot to see, I think more than anything it’s just constantly putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, which is a tough thing to do because it’s natural to want to feel comfortable. I’m excited to finish the Dwight chapter of my life, and finish the Illinois State chapter. All things should come to an end, endings are good. It’s only right then that all 3 of my roommates this year are from Dwight to close it out.
Also, in a somewhat unrelated topic, I found out that the spread for the Iowa – Illinois State game is -17 in favor of Iowa. All I have to say about that is, they’re in for a surprise. ROLL BIRDS.

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