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Livingston, Grundy, Ford, LaSalle And Kankakee Counties


Phone: 815-584-1901

Fax: 8i5-584-2196

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The Paper is a free newspaper delivered through the mail to every household in the communities listed below in Livingston, Grundy, LaSalle and Kankakee Counties in Central Illinois. It is supported by advertising, so shopping at area businesses helps keep the area connected and informed.

Its total distribution reaches 10,000 homes and is published every Wednesday of the year.

Advertising information can be obtained by contacting the numbers below.

Deadline for news and advertising is noon Fridays.

Out of market annual subscriptions are $40 for standard mail service and $85 for first class. An on-line PDF version is also available for $40. Requests can be sent to the address below.

204 E. Chippewa, Dwight IL 60420

Phone: 815-584-1901

Fax: 815-584-2196


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THE PAPER: A weekly full market coverage newspaper serving Dwight, Odell, Emington, Saunemin, Cullom, Cabery, Kempton, Campus, Reddick, Herscher, Buckingham, Union Hill, Essex, South Wilmington, Braceville, Gardner, Mazon, Verona, Kinsman, Ransom and Blackstone IL


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