‘Step Up and Lend a Hand’

The Dwight Grade School Board of Education has voted to return all grade school students back to school five days a week for the fourth quarter. I don’t speak for the board, but I felt this was in the best interest of the students and made my decision based on this belief and the result of a parent poll that indicated 87% of the families (that responded to the poll) wanted their children to return to full time learning. The Board has given the administration freedom to use some emergency funds to add staff and buy equipment to make this less difficult. But it will be difficult, and it will strain the staff that is already working their butts off to make the best of a bad situation. Personally, I want to say thank you to all the staff, in both districts, for your dedication and commitment to our community and to the students, our children. Now we need the community to step up and lend a hand. Transportation is going to be very difficult. The buses are going to have a lot of students and routes are going to take longer to run. The transportation department is short two drivers right now and could probably use some extras and substitutes. If you know anyone who can drive, or would be willing to drive, please encourage them to contact the school. We will also need bus monitors. These are paid positions at the school. Contact the school if you are interested. Many parents are providing transportation for their children. Maybe, as a community, we can look around our neighborhoods and do some car-pooling and fill our empty seats to help take the strain off the buses. I’m not from Dwight. I grew up in Texas, joined the Navy, and then Christy and I moved our family here almost eighteen years ago when I finished my time in the Navy. But I am proud to call Dwight my home. It’s a great community filled with compassionate people who really know how to pull together and help each other. Now is one of those times. We need to come together again and help the schools get through the rest of this year. And hope and pray that we can all get back to normal soon.

Bo Partney President
Dwight Grade School Board of Education