Date Meets Zip Letter Search Contest

The Paper is publishing a weekly “Letter Search Contest” leading up to the Dwight IL “Date Meets Zip” festivities, in which a picture of a local sign or building showing one letter from the word DWIGHT will be printed each week – continuing through the final answer in the Wednesday, June 3, edition. Participants should fill out the entry form in The Paper, identifying the sign and including your name and phone number. Entries should be submitted by taking a picture of your entry form and e-mailing it to by Monday of the following week. A $10 prize will be awarded each week to one winner. In case of multiple correct entries, the winner will be pulled randomly from the group. On week five, Letter H, there are multiple signs to identify and a $50 prize will be awarded to one winner that week.

The correct answer from Week 1 – “ D ” – DeLong’s Garage: Claude DeLong, Sr. moved his garage and machine shop from Odell to Dwight in 1926. In 1945, his sons, Jim, Ed, and Claude, Jr. became partners. Today, DeLong Ford-Mercury is run by Jonathan DeLong, the fourth- generation owner, who follows his father and uncle, Don and Ron, in the business at the original Dwight location, 212 E. Delaware St.

Thanks to everyone for playing along.