by Tom Tock

Former Dwightite David Cooke’s lawyers from the Illinois Law and Justice Center, Chicago, filed briefs on Cooke’s behalf February 22 in a Springfield appeals court, asking the court to reconsider the merits of Cooke’s original complaint against former state representative Frank Mautino, a Spring Valley Democrat. Mautino became Illinois Auditor General January 1, 2016, and was shortly thereafter presented with Cooke’s complaint, which questioned some of Mautino’s and his former campaign committee’s expenditures of campaign funds. The Illinois Board of Elections originally found Cook’s complaint to be “justifiable”, but after fining the Mautino campaign committee $5,000, later voted 4 to 4 to not pursue the matter further. (The $5,000 has not been paid.) Jeffrey Schwab, attorney for Cooke, told The Paper last week that the appeals court was expected to schedule oral arguments soon and then rule on the matter sometime after that.

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