Another big game, and another crushing (kind of) defeat. At this point in my life, I’ve attended a few bigger games, games that have something on the line, and every time, pretty much every single time, the team that I am rooting for, loses. This time the game was the Big Ten Championship, and the team was Wisconsin. Now, I’m not a big Wisconsin fan, but I did have some rooting interest in that a friend of my cousin played for the team, so for the day at least I was a fan of the team. That and I really don’t like Ohio State, they pretty much are good every year, and I kind of just get tired of watching them win. As with the other big games I’ve been to, the atmosphere was crazy, there’s a buzz that comes along with big games that just isn’t there during the regular season. When there’s something on the line, whether it be a Conference Championship, a win or go home game, anything that adds something extra always gives the place a little extra buzz. Wisconsin ended up losing the game, 27-21, they were driving late in the game and ended up throwing an interception to end it. Even on that drive it never really had the feel that they could drive all the way down and win the game, but to have that chance, to have the ball, down one score, with the chance to go ahead and win the game, then come up short, it still hurts, there’s no doubt about it. I love going to games like this, but maybe it’s time that I hang it up, nothing good really ever seems to come of it, other than heartbreak and disappointment. Maybe it’s better to have that hope, and experience that chance of winning and then be crushed than to never have that hope at all. Here’s to hoping that the next one goes better, and that maybe, just maybe I can attend a game like this and experience the elation and the joy that comes along with being on the winning side, instead of walking out feeling dejected and full of resentment.


Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate