It finally happened, my little brother turned 21. I remember when I turned 21, and it’s definitely the most exciting birthday, it’s the first time you can go to a bar and buy yourself a drink, it opened a whole world of places to go and things to do. This time around it’s my little brother who’s taking on the role of experiencing all that and turning 21 and finally being able to venture into the bar scene. I think it’s bigger than just bars though, I get that while you’re at school that is the fun thing to do, but I think it’s more important for going to just any sort of event, anywhere. There was a show a few weeks ago that he was trying to go to here in the city, and you couldn’t even get into the venue unless you were 21. Which I get, the city has codes that the venue has to follow and those are all in place for a reason, but you can’t even walk into a place and listen to music just because of your age, and then you turn this number, and it magically unlocks the door to all these events. There are a few restaurants up here that I’ve gone to for the food, not even to have a drink, and when you go into the place they card you. I’m not really sure what would happen if you told them that you were just wanting to eat. Maybe they would mark your hand or something. It’s just another roadblock in the life of not being 21. It’s an exciting time! It’s fun. You can’t really recreate that feeling of when you first turn 21. Not even the being able to buy alcohol, but the access it provides you, and how much easier it makes your life when trying to attend a lot of events, even if you don’t plan on partaking in a beverage. Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate