The Real New Year September is approaching, which means that the school year is also approaching. Football is approaching. Fall is approaching. The best time of the year is approaching. When I started to write this I originally was going to comment on how it was my first start of the school year and not having to take part in it, but then I realized it’s actually my second year, which is really crazy. For me, the fall is really the new year. Everything starts over, aside from the baseball season, every other major sport kicks off in the fall. There was always a new energy that came along with the end of summer and the beginning of fall when I was in school. Now that focus has shifted a little bit away from the excitement for school and is now instead the excitement for the other things that I just touched on – football, basketball, and both of the college versions of these sports as well. It’s not limited to professional teams, and college either, high schools are back at it with football, when Friday night came around you had to be at that game, had to, it was the main event. Fall is also my favorite season. For me you really can’t beat that 60-75 degree weather every day, I enjoy that a lot as compared to it being 85+ every day like it can get during the summer. The thing that will make it very hard for this fall to top the last one is that last fall the Chicago Cubs were winning their first world series in about 100 years. This time, they’ll just be looking to defend their title, it’s looking like they will make the playoffs, but even if they do, I’m not sure anything can compare to the magic that was last season, it was an amazing ride. Summer is coming to an end, which is definitely disappointing, but it’s leading us right into the best time of the year.


Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate