I’ve been attempting to take on some more Chicago events, and Chicago activities as I’ve started to live in the city for a longer time now. This weekend was no different, as there were events taking place all over the city. Saturday, I could attend the Cubs games, and like a lot of Cubs games this year, they had an awful start to the game, and didn’t end up winning. So no surprise there. Then this week was also the Taste of Chicago, which, I just found out after some simple Wikipedia research, is the biggest food festival in the world, again this was Wikipedia, so please take that fact/claim with a grain of salt as it could be incorrect. My initial feedback on the Taste for those who have not been, it’s very, very crowded, which I guess is to be expected, it averages over 2 million attendees a year over the 4 days, so I guess it would make sense that it was very crowded, but that doesn’t make it any more enjoyable. Seeing as the Taste can’t really control the number of people that come to their event, being too crowded seems like a pretty unfair complaint. The food options, however, were great. There were options from all over the city, all different kinds of food, desserts, dogs, ribs, chops, you name it, the whole spectrum was available. With that taken into consideration it was a major plus. The price of everything was right on par with what I would’ve expected coming into it. It was on the pricier side, but it was also a huge event in Chicago, and those two things kind of just go hand in hand, you have to go into it expecting to pay a little bit more than what you’re actually going to get from it. All in all it’s definitely something that is worth attending, even if only one time, it was a good way to fill the afternoon, and it’s an event centered around food, with which you can never go wrong. I would rate my first experience there a 7.3/10


Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate