The worst week of the year for spots just hap- pened. It was such a bad week that places like Buffalo Wild Wings had to offer incredibly ridiculous deals just to get people in the door this past Sunday. They had a deal going where you buy 12 wings and then you get 12 for free, that’s what having no football on Sunday does for places like that. I definitely took full advan- tage of that and got those free wings.

The only professional event happening on Sunday was the Pro Bowl, easily the worst all- star game in sports. It’s so bad. Watching a sport that has to be played at 100% and can’t be done otherwise is worse than watching paint dry. The skills competition in my opinion was way more exciting, but that’s besides the point.

This Sunday we get the best sports weekend of the year, the Super Bowl. There could be two teams playing that have never played football before and it would still be awesome. Everyone watches, even people who have never watched football before. You watch for the commercials, you watch for the halftime show, you watch for everything but the game in most cases.

This year is just like any other year. The Patriots are in it again, and will be looking to bring home the Lombardi trophy.

If this week is really slow at work, just know that this Sunday will lead to an even worse

work week following.