imagesI don’t really like when people talk about the weather, especially when it’s used as small talk. I think that it’s a way out of not saying anything at all, and just resorting to the one thing that everyone experiences every day. I would prefer to just not say anything, but then again sometimes I just don’t like people. With that being said, I know everyone talks about how much colder it is in Chicago, even though it’s only another 80+ miles farther north than where I’ve lived most of my life. Whoever everyone is, they could not be more right. The cold up here is a different kind of cold. It makes you never want to go outside again. The cold is one thing, and then you throw in the wind from the lake, and you’re playing with a whole different animal. Then there’s the snow – snow is bad no matter where you are, but when the temperature is right around 5º for an entire week, suddenly the snow seems even worse. I’ve almost Ubered to the gym before. One of my roommates has. The cold makes you do things that you would never have previously even considered. Luckily, probably thanks to global warming, the temperature for the following week are supposed to be a little bit higher and in the mid thirties. With all that being said, I really truly believe that having brutal, terrible, awful winters, makes us appreciate the warm weather that much more when it finally does come around. There’s a reason the Cubs devastating losses hurt that much more. Everyone Knew a cold winter was right around the corner. This year, because of the winning thing, it’s just a little bit more bearable. People in San Diego, have never had that. This could very well explain the lack of attendance at San Diego Charger games. Stay warm. Go Cubs! Don’t go outside.


Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate