imagesI think there’s an argument to be made that 2016 has been the greatest year of sports ever. I know that’s a pretty big claim, but there are events to back my claims.

The first major title was captured by the Denver Broncos, who had one of the best defenses of all time, not to mention that Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl as he retired.

Then there was the NCAA basketball national championship. The tournament was special as always, and what made this year great was that the national championship game was capped off by a game winning shot at the buzzer.

Then there was the amazing NBA season, which featured the record for all time wins a season go down, as the Warriors won 73 games. It was Kobe Bryant’s last NBA season, he scored 60 points in his final NBA game. Next was the NBA Finals which went the maximum 7 games, and LeBron James finally got Cleveland their long-awaited title.

Then following the season, Tim Duncan, also retired, marking the end of a great career.

All of this, and this was just the professional sports world. This has been with the Olympics aside. Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt have won gold’s already and extended their hold as the great Olympians in their respective sports.

There are still five months left of sports, and there has already been great story after great story, with many more likely to come.

Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate