UnknownI’m writing this Sunday night and it’s very obvious what I should write about. Leonardo DiCaprio, who many consider one of the best actors of the past twenty years or so, finally brought home an Oscar. Truthfully, I don’t even know if he deserved it this year, I think this was more of a lifetime achievement Oscar than it was necessarily for his role in The Revenant. Nonetheless, it’s really nice to see someone who has as much talent, and has continued to show that much talent for this long, be recognized for his talents and successes. I think there are other examples of this happening in other areas of entertainment. Kobe Bryant won an MVP in a year where he might not have been the one who should have won the award. However, he had never had an MVP up to that point because every year that he had a great year was met and exceeded by someone else having an even greater year. It happened this year at the Grammys too. Kendrick Lamar, who lost several awards in the previous Grammy awards in which he was nominated, took home five this year. Had he won that year, I’m not so sure that he would’ve gone home with that many. This has happened time and time again. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, he was pretty much on par with all the other people who were nominated. Had there been a runaway performant that really truly deserved it, then I think there would be reason to argue that he didn’t deserve it. I think the moral of this story is: the Oscars, The Grammys, the whatever, don’t matter. You can be great for 20 years, and in your peak years someone who was only great for five years might’ve exceeded you, but just temporarily. Longevity is the true test of greatness, not an award that’s given out yearly.

Aaron Boma 2012 DTHS Graduate and ISU Senior