imagesThere’s a reason that the madness part is added to the end of that phrase. This March has been nothing but that. I know that every year the tournament gets pretty crazy, but this year might take the cake as the craziest year in recent memory. Just the other night Northern Iowa managed to lose a game after being up by 6 points with 20 seconds left. It’s the first time anyone with that lead and that amount of time has ever lost an NCAA tournament game. All they had to do was pass the ball in and hit a free throw or two and that was the game, and somehow they didn’t manage to do that. That happened, and then one of the two or three favorites to win the title, Michigan State went down as a two seed in the first round. Two seeds have lost before, but this felt a little different because so many people had picked them to advance far in the tournament. All this has happened and it’s only the sweet sixteen. There’s still a lot of tournament to be played, and I can’t wait. I’m not even that big of a college basketball fan, but have enough close games, and have them end up in overtime and I’m going to be intrigued. At this point I would say if there’s any sort of a safe bet left that it’s Kansas, they seem to be the team that’s a little bit better than the rest of the remaining field. I entered two bracket pools and I’m in last place in one of them and very close to last in the other one. This hasn’t been a good year for me making predictions, so I should probably stop. Happy Easter

Aaron Boma DTHS Graduate ISU Senior