UnknownIf you’re following over from my other columns you’ll know I made some predictions, so far I’m 0/2 on those, one being Groundhog’s Day and the other being the Super Bowl in which I predicted the Panthers to win, and they didn’t.

They didn’t win, and they lost in the most boring fashion. Maybe the people who really love old school football enjoyed this game, but to the average fan, it was not a good showing for the NFL. The game was a defensive struggle from the opening kickoff. There was only one offensive touchdown from both teams. The winning quarterback didn’t throw for a touchdown, and he passed for less than 150 yards. In the regular season he threw for less than 10 touchdowns. Even though it’s Peyton Manning, at this point in his career I think you could argue that he’s the worst quarterback to ever win a Superbowl, which is crazy. The MVP of the Superbowl came from the defense, it wasn’t even an offensive player. The halftime show was arguably more exciting than the game, but just barely because it was Coldplay, and they don’t exactly have music that you would play while you work out at the gym. Coming off of last year’s game which had one of the most dramatic finishes in Superbowl history, this game really stunk. I think it will go down as one of the most boring Superbowls of all time. There were almost no big plays, just a lot of sacks, fumbles, and punts. The underdog won, that made it somewhat exciting if you like rooting for the team that isn’t favored in the game. The unofficial holiday didn’t quite live up to the expectations this year. It’s easy to see why the NFL keeps changing the rules to let the offense score more, because it’s exciting.

Aaron Boma DTHS Graduate and ISU Senior