images-1I think we can all admit that on days when we’re struggling to get through the day that it’s almost nice to watch someone else have a worse day than you. This might sound somewhat sadistic, but it’s some- thing you’ve probably done.

Today is Monday, the day that gets the most struggle from most of us. Last night, into today, the rapper B.o.B. (hit songs include “Nothin’ On You, and “Airplanes”) took to twitter to inform everyone that the world is flat. He tweeted a series of tweets to tell us that the world is flat, no that is not a typo.

No matter how bad your Monday is going you can smile knowing that you weren’t the guy with over a million twitter followers who told them all that you legitimately believe that the Earth is flat. Something that was overturned by Science about 400–500 years ago.

You could’ve spilled coffee all over your shirt. You could’ve been late to work, you might be wearing mismatching socks, but you didn’t do this.

I think we all really owe him thanks. We should send him one giant globe-shaped (not flat) thank you card for taking the pressure and stress off of us this Monday.

I’m thinking that he didn’t really say these things to take the stress off of us, he probably said them because he doesn’t want to believe something that’s been scientifically proven for a couple hundred years now, but I’m taking it and running with it.

I think this is one of those scenarios where we can sit back and enjoy someone else’s mess up. Thank you B.o.B.

Aaron Boma DTHS Graduate and ISU Senior