images-1It was the week before finals, when all through the campus, pretty much everyone was studying, probably even a mouse. The worst part about finals week isn’t the studying for the tests, that happens before every test, it’s not having the entire semester crammed into one test, it’s opening that gradebook the week before, all the other grades have been submitted, and you see your current grade. You take a real long somber look at the current grade. You see your total points. The next step in this exhilarating ride is pulling out the calculator. What do you need to get to either keep the grade you have, or advance up to the next grade. Every scenario is analyzed; if the test has multiple parts, you break each part down and figure out how well you have to do on each part. If there’s extra credit that’s available, you calculate what that will do for your grade, and see if it’s worth your time to do it. Before you know it you’ve spent over an hour just calculating what you have to get on your test, and not even looking at what is going to be on it, because your brain wants that grade, it wants it bad. I have a few classes right on the fringe, and it eats at you. A lot of the time the word “clutch” is reserved for sports, and competitions, but it definitely needs to be revisited for school at the end of the semester. I think you can be “clutch.” It takes a lot of poise to pull yourself together, study what needs to be studied and go into your finals prepared to walk out of there with the grade that you wanted when you went in. I got this.

Aaron Boma ISU Senior and 2012 DTHS Graduate