Christmas-present-01Christmas can often turn negative. There are a lot of bad things that can arise from it. The first and most problematic is that it turns materialistic. We spend unnecessary amounts of money to show people that we care about them. Even though oftentimes they already know we care about them. The need for a gift to solidify that thought is not always needed. The next thing is it adds unnecessary stress. I couldn’t even count how many times I get busy with things and then that in turn causes last-minute shopping. Sometimes it’s a result of my procrastination, but the need for gifts adds that in when it isn’t needed. With all that being said on the down side of Christmas, I’m still currently on my way to buy Christmas gifts. Then there are all the friends and family members that you get to see during the holiday season that you otherwise might not see during the rest of the year. Try to keep it positive. Christmas is meant to be uplifting, don’t stress about unnecessary gifts for people who already like you. They’ll like you even if you don’t buy the biggest gift.

Aaron Boma DTHS Graduate and ISU Senior