Aaron’s Food Favorites

I realized the other day that a lot of my columns tend to be geared toward food. This week I decided to take that and put a spin on it, and list my four favorite things to eat in the town of Dwight, Illinois. It could be an appetizer, entree, milkshake, just 4 things that I look forward to eating when going out to eat in Dwight. The list will be in no particular order. I don’t have a lot of experience on the food review side of things so bear with me.

Station 343 – Nachos.
I know this choice might seem odd seeing how it’s niche is being a steak place. (I’ve also had that and it’s very good.) I decided to get something kind of crazy for an appetizer and went with the nachos not really knowing what to expect. What I found out is that I now order the nachos every time I go because they’re that good. From the chips to all the toppings, it’s definitely worth trying.
The Country Mansion – Brunch Buffet.
For this one I don’t even have an exact food to try, but rather a whole plethora of them. Everything is great. You get your choice of favorite breakfast and lunch items all together at one time. Some of my favorites from the buffet are the bacon and eggs. The dessert selection is usually very well equipped, too. Route 66 Family Restaurant Omelette
An omelette. Very simple but it’s been exceptional every time I go. I usually go with the Denver omelette, to be more specific, but judging just off of that one I would assume that they’re all good. First off, they’re huge. It’s a lot of food, so if you’re getting one make sure you come hungry. Take this, add some tabasco hot sauce and you’ll have yourself an amazing meal. Cherry Red Roasters – Baked Beans
The obvious choice for this place would be to pick the meat, seeing as that’s its calling card. The one constant, no matter what kind of meat I order, is the baked beans. They’re great. They accent the rest of the meal perfectly. There are pieces of meat in the beans which makes them that much better. All the meat is good, but you have to get this as a side if you go. It just makes sense.