UnknownOne of the reasons I like writing these columns is that it forces me to reflect. Even if the reflection is only for a half hour, it makes me stop, and slow down and think about what’s ahead, and what has already taken place. There’s always a fine line to walk between reflecting, and looking back on what you’ve accomplished, and keeping your nose to the ground and working and working knowing that looking back on what you’ve done could be a cause to slow down and not accomplish what you’re setting out to do. In school for example, I have one semester left in the spring and then I’m graduating. It’s very easy to just attack it head on, and not look back on what got me here, it’s easy to forget all the work that I’ve put in to get to this point. We live in the moment, it’s very hard not to. The reflection period really keeps things in perspective. It can also work as a pat on the back when you need one. When times get hard in school, or there are a lot of tests in a short amount of time, I can look back and know that I’ve done it before and I’m not in uncharted territory. It really helps me. I might not stop and do it as much, or at all if it wasn’t for this column. It really drives me to think back on what has happened, recently, why it happened, and if it happened in a way other than what I wanted how can I change it in the future. There are a lot of different ways to step back and set up a plan of attack going forward.

Aaron J. Boma 2012 DTHS Graduate and ISU Senior