UnknownIt seems a long time, a really long time since anyone in my immediate family has not competed in basketball at Dwight. Basketball has been ingrained in our family since I was probably five years old, and before that if you count my older brother as well. Basketball has always been my favorite sport to play growing up. I think a large part of it is that you can always do it by yourself. If you ask someone to play catch with themselves with a football or with a baseball my guess is that they’re probably going to have a tough time doing it. With basketball all you need is a driveway, a halfway inflated ball, and a hoop. No one else. The introspective shoot- arounds by myself were a big part of my growing up. Along with that were every single pick-up game that was ever played in my driveway. Hundreds, potentially even thousands of games were played on my driveway between me and my two brothers. I think that’s awesome, it was really the mecca of neighborhood sports for the west side of Renfrew Park. Those are moments that you can’t re-create. In a sense playing in high school was easy compared to that. There were no foul calls in the driveway, there was much more pressure to beat your best friend than there ever was to defeat a team in a conference tournament. The driveway made the real competitive basketball come easy. It’s going to be weird watching a game at Kresl Memorial Gym with no Boma on the court. (Caleb spent more time there than I did, largely due to my battle with asthma.) I hope (and think) the Trojans will have a great year. Basketball is a great sport. Support the Trojans this year. Aaron J. Boma 2012 DTHS Graduate and ISU Senior