Last week I was having a conversation with my friends about an early season football game between Illinois State University and the University of Iowa. One of my friends, who goes to a bigger, division 1 football school, said that Illinois State would lose 35-7… claiming that since we’re a division 1 AA team (which means, we don’t get as many scholarships as Division 1 teams, so we stand no chance.) I’m going to attend the game in Iowa in early September and I love the fact people like him, and I would assume most of Iowa, think that Illinois State is going to get steamrolled, just because it’s playing a Big 10 school. What they probably don’t know is that Illinois State, in a crazy complex system of ranking both Division 1 and Division 1 AA teams, finished 41st overall, ahead of the University of Iowa. It’s good that most people don’t know, I like the underdog role. I think that’s a good way to go at life, keep those talents hidden until they’re really needed. Also, if we do lose this game, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, because it’s supposed to happen, according to most people. That’s another thing to take away from this, to put yourself in a lot of win-win situations, pretty much anything aside from a blowout is a win for Illinois State. I think that also applies to anything, else, just don’t get blown out and give yourself a fighting chance in whatever it is you’re doing and you have a chance to win. I like carrying yourself with confidence without letting other people know about it. Quiet confidence. ( I guess this whole column kind of let the cat out of the bag on the quiet confidence idea.) We’ll just wait to see what happens in early September when the birds travel to Iowa City, but I like our chances. #RollBirds