UnknownLast Thursday I attended a concert in Chicago at the legendary “Metro”. (I’m honestly not that big a fan of the venue, but that’s okay, other people like it I guess.) The artist I was going to see was Mike Golden & Friends. I’m also currently interning for a music website out of Chicago and New York called DJBooth.net, great place for new music by the way. I met up with the co-founder of the web- site and because of his connections, and him being on the guest list we were able to get into the VIP seating area. He had asked my brother and me if we had ever been VIP to a concert, or if we had got- ten in free before. He said that it’s like riding first class in a plane, if they can get you into first class, even just once, the idea is that you’ll always pay for first class when you fly. The difference is that this is getting into concerts for free, and sitting in the VIP area
, the principle is the same. The only thing with the concert part is that you usually have to be somebody, or have made an impact in the music scene to get in for free. The thought of this just made me hungrier, it was a glimpse into what I can hopefully turn my career into. Even if it’s not getting into shows for free (which would still be nice), just to be in that position where you have the ability to do so, it’s a long way off, but get- ting a taste of it makes you want more. A simple little comparison to a flight, and the idea of that has stuck with me for almo
st a week now and something that I’ll probably carry with me going forward. I want VIP, First Class, whatever you want to call it, I want to be successful. I like what I tasted and I want more. Conveniently enough, Mike Golden released a new song today titled “Working On Myself” which is fitting, because that’s what I’m doing in hopes of achieving the aforementioned. Never underestimate your words anything you say is something that could motivate someone for days, months or years to come. Working On Myself

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