In my early years of high school I never really imagined being at one certain college. I never had my heart set on going to a specific place. I thought that college basket- ball might be in the future, but if you asked the scrawny, sophomoric, Caleb Boma, I wouldn’t have given you an answer. As the years went by, and I entered my junior and senior years of school, procrasti- nation was my best subject. What I mean by that is, sen- iors are widely known for being lazy because it is their last year in high school. I happened to catch that bug. It seemlessly worked its way into other parts of my life, like thinking about college.
A thing many people don’t know about being a college athlete is that it is very hard. It takes time and concen- trated effort to be committed to sports in college. The respect I now have for athletes in college is unbelieve- able. My basketball coach, Eric Long, who has taught me more things about life than basketball, helped me out by calling around a little bit to college coaches. As I visited and went through the process of seeing how I would fit in, Coach Long would always let me know that it was completely my decision. He didn’t want me to feel pres- sured into playing basketball, but fully supported what- ever decision that I would make.
I spent a few weeks thinking about every scenario concerning my future. I made up mini pros and cons lists in my head to try to help lean me one way or anoth- er. I felt like I didn’t know what was going to happen and was scared of not knowing. Eventually, it was basketball at a Division 3 or Illinois State University. I was really stressed one night after school and even thought about flipping a coin to make a decision, but I refrained. One good thing I did during this process was turn to family. I talked with as many family members as I could even when I wasn’t persuaded by a school.
Finally, on April 31st, I decided to enroll at ISU. The only thing I could keep telling myself was that I had to make the best of my future no matter what. Maybe I should have tried to continue my basketball career, and maybe I shouldn’t have. I will never know. The only thing that I could do for myself is move forward.
I couldn’t be more thankful for the people who helped me during this process. It gets quite frustrating. I’m just happy that I have a home for the next four years. I’m excited to take this step in my life. #RollBirds

Caleb Boma 2015 DTHS Graduate and ISU Freshman

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